Mantra on bond street I be there around 4... Come thru we can have a good time!!

Brayton Bowman’s ’22 Minutes Later’: anthems for small town kids in big cities

Brayton Bowman‘s been one of the most consistently praised people on this blog since we first found him via a Soundcloud repost in late 2014.

He’s a Philly boy living life in New York City and his mixtape 22 MINUTES LATER, which FINALLY came out today, is filled with MNEK-co-produced anthems for kids in similar situations. These are the kids that have had to fight a fair bit for what they believe in, have had non-stop reality checks their whole lives, and those who are used to living an authentic existence that becomes challenged upon a move to the big city.

22 MINUTES LATER gives a confident, personality-packed wake up call to those living a vain, privileged and filtered life and brings them back down to earth – with so much cheek along the way.

Aaaaaaand an ode to getting blazed.

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