BOLEYN’s debut single ‘The Revisionist’ is a beautifully told breakup song

This is single number one for BOLEYN, who you’ll quickly realise is a very promising and very effective lyrical storyteller who’s got the balance of great production, a clear voice & visual lyrics pretty much perfect.

He’s made seven songs, so six more than this one, and put them on an EP called Speaking Out Of Turn, thematically “about the anxieties of youth, sexuality and dealing with the pressures of being the child of first-generation immigrants,” which is a perspective we should absolutely be listening to especially when it’s performed this effectively.

“The Revisionist was partly inspired by this guy I used to date,” BOLEYN told us.

“He was still in the closet at the time (what a fuckin cliche I know) but we dated for a while and I ended up coming out because of him (to my family/close friends etc) and then he sort of just ghosted me? I wrote the first 2 lines of the song about seeing him around my small home town in bars or coffee shops and how he would look past me as if we were never together. I get why he did it, obviously, but it still sucked. “

“Broadly the song is for anyone who’s ever loved someone who’s now trying to pretend like it didn’t mean anything, when it did.”

“You know that meme that’s like ‘you can pretend you don’t know me but I still sucked your dick’?”

“My song and that meme have the same energy.”

If you want to get to know BOLEYN even more, there’s a great profile about him on Pilerats and this is his Facebook page.

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