Bell City Square’s debut ‘Make Me Feel Nothing’ packs a serious punch

My earliest memories of having favourite songs were sitting in the back of Mum’s Commodore in the late noughties listening to the local radio station (where I now work!) on the way to school. Primary school, obvi.

There were some really phenomenal and interesting Australian/NZ bands in that era. Hitmakers like Kisschasy, Amy Meredith and Evermore and one-hit-wonders like The Galvatrons. I loved it. All these unique voices, unique sounds & great choruses.

Bell City Square‘s debut single Make Me Feel Nothing has the layers & the punch to it that remind me of the local hits of that era. Passion as loud as it can be, perfect pop moments and a genuine accent. There’s a piano breakdown. Where’s that happening in big pop songs these days? IT’S NOT.

This band is going to be a big fkn deal.

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