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Amy Shark’s ‘Weekends’ is the perfect ‘Adore’ follow-up

Amy Shark‘s pretty much got the whole world looking at her at the moment.

“How the fuck is she going to follow up Adore?!,” yelled one person over a dinner table at me last week. I was confident. And so I should have been.

She’s emptied her entire heart into a four minute pop song called Weekends and it’s paid off. Much like Adore – it’s heartbreaking, it aches, it’s got little pitch-shifted stabs every now and then and the songwriting is DIVINE.

“You switched from vodka lime & soda / and I hate every girl that’s ever known ya” – every word of this is so beautiful and intimate.

Weekends comes from her EP Night Thinker, which’ll come out April 21.

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