Alex Lahey’s ‘I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself’ is one of the most important songs of the year

Alex Lahey‘s album is coming out in a couple of weeks and to tell you the truth it is fucking phenomenal. I haven’t heard a better Australian album this year.

I’m actually glad I heard this new single, I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself, a week or so ago – otherwise I’d be incapacitated to write this because it completely floored me. I had to pull over listening to it driving down the highway.

There’s always this sort of romanticised thing around ‘settling down’ – once you begin to build your relationship with someone you really love, things should become really easy. You might put on a bit of weight, not put as much ‘effort’ into your appearance, all that shit. But sometimes infatuation subtly edges you towards a vicious cycle of self-implosion. You put so much of your energy into being there and being the person you think your other half wants you to be, but in turn you begin to lack self-care, and what that person fell in love with fades.

It’s pretty fucked, and here’s a song all about that. Look after yourself, k?

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