Acts you probably weren’t going to check out at Laneway Festival but you definitely should

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when the festival with their FINGER ON THE PULSE – I’m talking St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, obviously –  pulls into your capital city and treats you to some of the best new and up and coming talent around. Before you go ahead and highlight your Laneway timetable, here are some of the acts you probably weren’t considering seeing but you should totally go and suss.



Raury has already declared he will be releasing “the best album of the year” in 2015, and to be honest I don’t even think he’s kidding. He has just been named in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll, coming in at number 4. Raury’s powerful blend of hip hop and folk rock laced with sublime pop melodies and a dash of r’n’b emanates cool and promises to be one of the more memorable live sets we’ve seen at Laneway. I can’t even deal with the fact Raury is only 18. Don’t be the one to miss this megastar in the making.

Perfect Pussy

2014 SXSW darlings Perfect Pussy are finally gracing our shores to bring us their hectic brand of fuzz punk. Fronted by pocket rocket Meredith Graves, Perfect Pussy have put the hard back into hardcore. Their debut album, ‘Say Yes To Love’ was one of the most powerful punk albums released in 2014. If you’re feeling a little too laid back while you’re sauntering around the Laneway grounds, go and get sweaty with these guys. Guaranteed a good time.


If you haven’t heard of Pond by now, well, what rock are you living under? If you like Tame Impala, and I know a lot of you do, now’s the time to check out Pond. Perth’s psychedelic superstars will take you on a wonderful hallucination-inducing journey and you’ll probably think you’re at Woodstock. With the release of their new album ‘ right before Laneway kicks off, what better time to get dreamy. I’m not saying you should hit up Dune Rats for weed for Pond’s set… but you should definitely try and get your hands on some weed.


In 2014 we were treated to rap royalty in Run The Jewels and Earl Sweatshirt, but in 2015 Laneway brings us New York’s hip hop bad asses RATKING. Dark, brooding, and intense, RATKING are the era of new school who aren’t shying away from fresh sounds. You’re the epitome of cool when you have King Krule feature on your track, let’s face it. Don’t sit on RATKING.

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen not only has the face of an angel, but the voice of one too. A fitting name to say the least. Olsen’s sweet drawl is penetrating in the best of ways, while her tunes range from slamming alt-country to wavering dream states drenched in layers of sound. Destined to be one of the most beautiful live performances of Laneway 2015. Let your heart melt.



Oh, how I love a droning riff and heavy drums – something the UK’s Eagulls have in abundance. If you’re a fan of Violent Soho and you’ve gone to Laneway purely to see Dune Rats, don’t skip these guys whatever you do. Eagulls have been on multiple radars throughout 2014 and for good reason. Gritty and frantic, Eagulls reek of cool, and will surely be one of Laneway’s ‘bands that get people talking’.


Look, I don’t doubt you are all probably hankering to check out BANKS. But if you’re not onto BANKS yet – where ya been?? One of my favourite musical ladies to come out of 2014, BANKS had SXSW goers drooling after her showcase performances. Sultry smooth, eery, complex – BANKS’ debut album ‘Goddess’ made several Top Album lists for 2014, and it’s no wonder why. BANKS live show is set to be a powerful one, so don’t miss her Australian debut.

There’s still some tickets for Laneway on sale at lanewayfestival.com


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