About Us

No one understands Project U.

I don’t think we even do to be honest.

But we’ll try and explain it to you in relatively simple terminology.

When you go and see your favourite artist live. When you see their support act and discover someone new and amazing who you end up listening to forever after. When your friend sends you a link to a song that has like 300 views on Youtube that you think should have five million because it’s just so god damn amazing. When you think back to your first kiss with the love of your life and the first thing you remember surrounding it is the song that was playing in the background. Getting an amazing selfie with a popstar. Songs that match the weather. Songs that you obliterate your car speakers with and unashamedly perform with exemplary passion as you drive on the freeway. Artists announcing their first tours in a decade. SEX SONGS. Passionately defending your favourite genre. Meeting someone with the same music taste. Getting up at 2am to hear a radio premiere of a song. Catching the drum sticks at a massive arena show. ‘Guilty pleasure’ songs that you shouldn’t feel guilty for loving because they make you happy and who cares what anyone else thinks. An entire crowd singing along to an excellent pre-show pump-up soundtrack song. Watching the Jezabels lead singer have her lyrics being screamed back at her by some guy on the top of his three mates shoulders at your first festival. We Are The Champions being played on the radio on the way to Maccas after winning your basketball grand final in year six. Being personally invited on stage by Jared Leto at a 30 Seconds To Mars concert. Singing with your arms around strangers at a tiny Smith Street Band show at a Sydney record store which makes just enough to pay the rent each week. Meeting a dude having a beer in a pub who you’d never met before and taking his wife’s John Farnham ticket because she couldn’t make it, then ending up on a bucks night at a strip club and sleeping in a hostel with five Europeans. This is a Wednesday, of course.

ALL THESE THINGS MAKE YOU FEEL THE FEELS. EMOTIONS. TEARS – SAD OR HAPPY. HUGS. SMILES. UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHING FITS. Music makes you feel things. And what we’ve noticed is that when people write about music, they generally tend to suck all that emotion out. We don’t understand that. Project U is here to put all those ~emoshunz~ back into music writing and stuff. We’re humans. You’re humans. We feel the same music-related feels as you do. We just tend to talk about our music feels on the internet. And we hope you see something that makes you feel too.

Some people read Project U for the way we write about music. Some people come here for the music itself. Some people are here for both. Some people just don’t get it and send us angry emails thinking we’ve abused their favourite artist by calling them a ‘Fat Fuck Couch Potato’. That’s fine. We still love you.


Now if you want to contact us you can do that.

If you are a music making person, publicist etc that wants us to have a listen to your stuff and potentially put it on the website: email Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv. PLEASE LOOK AT THE MUSIC WE POST BEFORE YOU SEND IT. KNOW WHAT THIS SITE POSTS ABOUT. NOTHING SHIT. NO INDIE-FOLK MUSIC OR ANYTHING THAT COULD BE CLASSIFIED AS SUCH.

If you are a person who likes writing about music and you think you’d like to say words on this website, email three facts about yourself and a sample article using your best impression of the Project U tone of voice to Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv.

If you are a person in Australia or England that likes to take photos at music concerts and would like to do that for Project U, email a link to some of your photos and three facts about yourself to Dylan Moore – dylan@projectu.tv.

If you want to advertise on our website, talk about sponsored content (we do that quite well) or discuss anything else on the bizzzzzzzz side of things: email Nic Kelly – nic@projectu.tv.


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  • Crowd/audience photos can be used without credit, although one would be nice.
  • Artists may use photos we take of them on social, with credit for the site and social tags included. We are @ProjectUDotTV on Facebook and Twitter, and @projectu on Instagram.
  • Artists can’t take the photos and use them for promo or anything without express permission from Project U Media Australia and the photographer.
  • Other publications, applications and anyone outside Project U and artists can not use our photos.
  • Any questions? Email nic@projectu.tv.