A Brendan Maclean self-interview: about the ‘Never Enough’ video, why he’s left Twitter, etc

Brendan Maclean has taken the time to make some content.  The content consists of a music video for Never Enough, directed by the untouchably brilliant Josh Harris – who also did Tectonic and Free To Love.

He also tells us what he’s been up to since leaving Australia (and Twitter) – and there are some significant things within that.

The Thing


Never Enough music video. A song from my record funbang1 which did quite well. Some people even reviewed it.

Who on it?

Song by me and produced by… another person. Direction by Josh Harris (who did Tectonic and Free To Love).


I like pretty things.


Port Melbourne and this weird old heroin den. Appaz every room has a suicide attached to it. Same tbh.


My Patreon funded it. Don’t worry – it’s not a kickstarter, it’s a subscription service to my music, which is neat!

No twitter?

I’ll post it on Twitter and stuff but I’m a bit of a sensitive flower right now. I think I kind of got obsessed with comparing myself to people and just felt ashamed that I didn’t turn into the Olly Alexander or Troye Sivan powerhouse people thought I might have been when I released Stupid years ago. But I’m feeling better about it all now – I realise that I’ll never have that because… well… I’m the daddy of our pop generation. I need to be positive about their careers instead of jealous – which is all I had left. I unfollowed every musician I know and every PR agency or music site and eventually just figured out I could stay on Twitter until I sorted out the route of the problem which was that I hadn’t found my own sound or my own angle. But we’re getting there.

What is going on with Lucian Piane? Didn’t he do some engineering on this track or something?

Short answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Long answer: Sometimes when white homosexual men find themselves in a successful situation, as he did with Drag Race, they forget that other people around them are still going through the basic struggles they went through to reach their point of success. Which is why he doesn’t seem to believe it’s damaging if he spouts bullshit about how Trump is more trustworthy than Clinton, which is some bullshit right there.

How’s other stuff?

Pretty good. Still in Europe getting some inspo for the next record. I was meant to do songwriting over here but Universal Publishing tells me that it’s a really busy time so I just kind of got shafted. Who knew a whole nation would be busy for the entire three month period that I was in the United Kingdom? Neato. I’ll just go back to doing shit by myself I guess.

That sounds… bad?

It’s not so bad. I just got cast in a television show back home but I have to put on my embargo cargo pants with that. But yeah – things are good. I just filmed my first porn too which was cool. Oh and doing the tour over here with Amanda Palmer has been nice. We’ll be headlining Woodford Folk Festival together later in the year.


You’ll see.

Love you.

Love you too.

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