I really needed ’83 Days’ by Wafia today

The awareness Wafia has over her own music is incredible. Everything she writes is so acutely matched with an emotion, or many within the one song, and she knows exactly how to cathartically express everything – and still make a massive pop song that doesn’t make you depressed.

This song comes after someone I love wouldn’t stay. I developed an obsession with noting down the ways their absence was so loud and present. How intangible they had become. How intangible the memories I was left with are. How I reminisce on only the highest points of the situation that I know were so bad for me. How something that ceased to exist anymore could be felt constantly.

Everything’s as dreamy as it is trappy on the production side, and the vocal layering on the chorus is phenomenal – but her single layer vocals on the verses show just how special and brilliant her voice is. 83 Days is her first single since her amazing debut EP – and I feel like everything to come from here is going to continue to create one of Australia’s best pop people.

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