8 Quite Quick Questions with Urthboy

Urthboy is playing at The Plot in Sydney on Saturday December 5 with a pretty amazing lineup of good music people who make good music. It will be good. There will be good music. And we asked Urthboy some rather brief questions and got lots of answers – we found out when his album’s out, when the next single’s coming, whether Jane Tyrrell will join him on tour in 2016 and his picks for The Plot.

URTHY! Hello. Well done on Long Loud Hours. It’s ridiculously good. But like, how did you turn a ridiculous news story into a beautiful pop-sensible hip-hop song?

A lot of people tell me that I should simplify my songwriting down to be less specific so they can be more universal in their appeal. Perhaps I’m just not a good listener. I love the detail and I’m always trying to get deeper into that detail. 

Is it a good indication of the music to come from you in 2016?

There’s no song on the album that sounds exactly like Long Loud Hours but it perfectly captures the vision for the album. I’ve always loved writing melodies but my ambitions far outweigh my ability and I’m always trying to reconcile myself with that. On previous albums I’ve found that balance difficult and struggled with the idea of too many features from other people. This album I just let all those anxieties go and had fun with it. I even opened up to having other people write hooks on this album – so on one hand I’ve never worked harder creating a record, but on the other I’ve also relaxed around some of my self-imposed rules. That’s not really answering your question is it? [ED. NO ITS NOT REALLY BUT I DONT CARE]

When’s the next taste of your music coming, and in what form will it be? Single/EP/album/etc.

There’ll be a new single in January and I can only promise you that it’s heaps of fun. It reminds me of Shruggin’ but it’s totally different and features two brilliant upcoming female artists. My album comes out in late Feb I think.

Obvi you got Hermitude in for the first single… who else have you been working with?

Hermitude and Pip Norman work with me on everything BUT I’ve also worked with Nic Martin, Styalz Fuego and Rahj Jordan on this album. Previously I was all about sticking to the one production team for the whole record but circumstances changed that this time, and it feels really invigorating changing the process up a little. You know when you wouldn’t volunteer to have something done in a certain type of way, but when it happens, you realise it was meant to be? That’s how I feel right now.

First song that springs to mind when you think ‘favourite song right now’… GO!

I just can’t go past Ngaiire‘s Once. It’s such a jam. So cool, so effortless, so worthy of a million repeat plays.

What other artist do you wanna make sure you don’t miss at The Plot?

Where do I start? I want to check out L-FRESH the LION, B-Wise, Sampa the Great, Spit Syndicate, The Meeting Tree, Tkay. It’s my first gig in a while and the line-up is crazy. Some of these artists will be the biggest names in the country one day – I’m certain of this.

For those who haven’t seen a Urthboy live show before, explain it quickly for us. Is Jane Tyrrell still coming?

No to Jane – she’s doing some amazing stuff down in Melbourne at the moment. We’re taking it back to a classic show with Jayteehazard on the decks and myself on the mic. It’s a celebration set for us more than anything. In 2016 we’ll be bringing a whole new show together for the new album.

What are your pre-show rituals you’ll be undertaking before you jump on stage at The Plot?

I know Jaytee is a big crossword guy so who knows what kind of adventures he has in store for us pre-show. 


The Plot’s on Saturday December 5 at Parramatta Park and the tickets are right here. The lineup, including set times, is below.

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