7 awards for the 7 best things about Groovin The Moo 2017 in Maitland

Best Act Of The Festival

Until about three hours into the festival I’d completely forgotten SACHI had been announced as a ‘fresh produce’ act, only being reminded when Will from the duo gave me a big hug.

The all-white-clad pair put a beautiful song out on Friday called Shelter, so to see that so quickly after hearing it was amazing, and hearing unreleased stuff like a potential #1 called Lowkey made me realise these guys could be a serious pop force. Nick, who sings a lot of their songs, was made to be a frontman. Please don’t sleep on them.

Best Food Moment

After 25 tinnies of [REDACTED, ILL TELL YOU IN THE NEXT AWARD] I decided consuming some food that wasn’t the curry pie I had desperately at Broadmeadow Station on my way, was a good idea.

The ‘Udder Mayhem’ bar, which is the VIP area tbh and you could buy your way in for like another $50, had $15 TRUFFLE BURGERS. I can’t work out if it was just because I was hungry but I literally had like a third of an orgasm. Fucking hell. Shouts to The Interns writer Zanda for sponsoring the $15 cash cost of this.

Best Drink

Cattleyard, the guys who run Groovin, have begun brewing their own beer. I don’t know why. But it’s really good. It’s a lager, it’s not too lagery, it’s almost like a pale ale. But not too heavy. Idk. CONGRATS CATTLEYARD.

Act I’m Saddest I Missed

For some unknown reason GLADES were on before 12pm, which meant I had to miss them unless I wanted to get up at bloody 5am. I heard amazing reviews. It was the biggest crowd they’ve ever played to. And they deserve it so much.

Best Toilet

The shitters behind the VIP bar were mint, yet again. Spend the extra $50 next year. It’s so worth it.

Best Set Time Change

I was going to miss Amy Shark because the shuttle buses took too long, so hearing she’d been moved to 4pm to replace Tash Sultana made me very happy. She owned the later slot – Adore and Weekends were two of the biggest singalongs of the festival – and she jumped off stage to find out she had the highest debut of the week on the ARIA charts. Angel.

Best Song

Don’t Leave by Snakehips. So euphoric. So big. So positive. So beautiful.

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