We went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer play KOKO in London

I’m still having a bit of trouble understanding the world’s obsession with the London ‘tube’, but we’ll save that for another day. After I got off the ‘tube’ at Mornington Crescent, the line outside the obnoxiously bright KOKO in Camden seemed absurd from across the road, but as I walked to the back of the line, I realised it wasn’t actually ending. 1,700 people lined up on a Wednesday night to see some Australian band that eighteen months ago, was playing to 12 people at The Annandale. You know a line is long when Niall off One Direction is tweeting about it.

I must have walked a good two minutes before thinking “fuck this,” walking back to the front, and coercing a rather burly security guard to let me in ahead of everyone else with a vodka-assisted confidence. I think it also helped that I was one of about twenty males at the concert – nineteen of whom were fathers who drew the short straw of taking their underage daughters to the concert – a legal requirement over here. This bloke here was a favourite, holding his height-challenged daughter up to see above everyone else who’d ‘flooded’ the floor of KOKO.

I got there way too early and looked more out of place than Noel Gallagher at a One Direction show, but it copped me a good spot for support act Young Kato, who were absolutely brilliant live. “LESSGOYALANDA!!!!!” screamed lead singer Tommy Wright at the start of the set – one of the best live singers I’ve seen in a real long time and as I drunkenly tweeted him after the show, “he’s got serious pipes”. Jesus. Their YouTube stuff which I checked out before the ‘gig’ was all a bit boring really, but take the good bits of The 1975 and The Killers and you’re on the right track. Highly impressive live.

The ‘intermission’ music was particularly on point last night with Black Eyed Peas Don’t Stop The Party ‘backed up’ with Chris Brown‘s Yeah 3X, a 1700-strong rap-along to Super Bass and Teenage Dirtbag, before singing voices were replaced with screams for four little Australian children called 5 Seconds Of Summer. Playing for nearly an hour, they started with THE BEST SONG Out Of My Limit, as well as playing Heartbreak Girl and a fair few songs that they’ve written for the album. When it came time for the ‘encore’, no one seemed to know whether to yell ‘ONE MORE!’ or ‘ENCORE!’ or ‘5SOS!’ so we just ended up with a ‘JUHFRKHEJE!!’ before 5SOS got the hint and played Try Hard for their ‘new number one crowd’.

5SOS is just as much of a ‘thing’ in the UK as they are in Australia. They’ve got One Direction’s support and brotherhood to thank for part of that, but mainly it’s just because they’re four loveable little rascals who know how to play a solid tune.

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