360’s new single with Daniel Johns has a RELEASE DATE and TRAILER VIDEO

CALL OFF THE SEARCH! After endless prodding and poking, that little clip in a terrible prank call video and multiple tweets, we finally have confirmation from camp 360 that he’ll release his new single Impossible to iTunes on January 17.

This calls for a ceremonial striking from the ‘Get On With It’ List.


The new single features Daniel Johns, whom you may recall sang for small-time indie band Silverchair. They ‘penned’ the song together in Daniel’s hometown of Newcastle and Matt’s fairly shit state at the time was the fuel for what they ended up writing about. “When we made that song I was at the peak of my loose partying days.” Sixty told the press release we got from EMI. “I rocked up to the studio and I hadn’t slept for three days. I was disgusting and gross. I slept in the studio for a few hours and then we made the song. I was an absolute mess. So I decided to write about that. Things have changed I’m not partying now. I’m sober.”

We are quite glad to hear this. Apparently the song also talks about 60’s eye drama – as you’d probably be aware he almost went blind for a while because of a degenerative eye condition.

Sonically, Colwell’s going to explore the as yet untapped field of ‘dubstep’ music but combine it with some reverberated piano bits where Daniel has a sing – something he wasn’t expecting to do. “This began as a songwriting experiment for Matt’s record. Neither of us ever expected I’d end up singing on the song too but we both really liked the demo so eventually we thought ‘why not’? Hip hop is obviously more Matt’s world than mine but we had a lot more in common than one would expect so it was a really interesting collaboration.”

The video’s looking pretty brilliant so far, the first time Daniel’s appeared in a music clip since 2007 when he did that one for If You Keep Losing Sleep, which I recall Molly Meldrum banging on about one day. He was a bit of a n00b at videos though, almost having to go to hospital on set. “I smashed a car with a crow bar and Daniel had to smash a window with a wrench,” 360 told news.com.au. “He got told not to put much force behind it but he went really hard and it nearly ripped open his hand. He almost had to go to hospital, they said it was a few centimetres from cutting a tendon.”


Anyway we’re very excited that we have two weeks and a day left to wait, here’s a ‘teaser’ in the mean time.

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