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20 ways Troye Sivan has changed the world in his 20 years alive.

Troye Sivan is officially twenty years of age.

No – not 7 – he’s twenty.

Unbelievable scenes. Anyway. In those twenty years he’s now been alive for, he’s changed so many people’s worlds in so many ways. From his musically game-changing prowess, to his digital advocacy for social justice and authentic love for his millions of supporters – Troye is a trailblazer for the digital generation and a guy I really fucking appreciate having around.

I gathered thoughts from some of his biggest fans, friends and supporters and came up with this thing about 20 ways Troye’s changed the planet in his 20 years on it.

1. He came out, paving the way for millions around the world to do it with more ease

“So quite honestly, I have for the most part always accepted myself and known that my parents and friends were going to accept me, so the actual coming out part was never too big of a deal. For some time when I was maybe 13 or 14, I wondered a lot “am I lesbian? am I straight? is this normal??”, all of the normal stuff people worried about when they were figuring themselves out. I didn’t really have too many gay people in my life to look up to. Of course, I’d heard of a few gay people and my parents had gay friends, so it wasn’t a new concept to me, but I never thought I would have to deal with it myself. I kind of shoved my thoughts to the back of the closet (lol) for a few months and tried to see if it would “pass” or I would “get over it”. I watched Troye’s coming out video in late August of 2013 and I instantly fell in love with his compassion, his honesty and his bravery. I subscribed, and started watching more LGBTQ+ Youtubers as a result of watching Troye. Back then, I had no problem with the stuff that actually comes with being gay, or bi in my case; the actually liking girls part. That came naturally to me. What bugged me the most was that I was going to be different from everyone else, I was gonna be that emo lesbian girl my brother laughed at and my friends gossiped about in the lunchroom. That people would look at me different in auditions, that they wouldn’t hear my immaculate monologue but stare into my eyes while I spoke and think: “She’s gay, this character is straight. Nope, sorry! Next!” All while this was happening, I was logging onto YouTube every weekend to watch Troye and his friends going to conventions, hitting a million subscribers, traveling the world, being happy and doing it all while being LGBTQ+. I realized over time that my being bisexual wasn’t going to change my friend group or the way I spoke or the way I dressed or the opinions of the directors that stared me down. They were staring me down because I looked like a deer caught in headlights, furiously wondering whether the way I was standing was “too lesbian” for this role.Troye didn’t so much as help me come out, but he helped me accept myself by normalizing what I am. Watching him become a more genuine person (not that he wasn’t already) after he came out was liberating. He was his true self, no secrets, no burdens, just Troye. I saw that he was happy, he was successful, he was talented, and also just happened to be gay. And that meant more to me than any “Gay is okay” I will ever get.” – Marykate, (@troyeilysb)

2. He made genuine, one-on-one connections with ‘fans’ – more friends than fans, actually.

“it meant so so so much to me to know that someone I support and love knows who I am!!” – desiree, (@riskysivan)

3. He’s brought out a true music passion in so many

“Troye’s musical passion has helped me find music I never would have found otherwise. I’m always obsessed with the songs he talks about and I have yet to find a song that I don’t like. Before I used to just listen to hit music radio and never really cared that much for music, because to me it all sounded the same. but since I have found troye’s spotify playlist and such it has made me become completely in love with all these artists I had never heard – all with such unique voices. because of troye’s music passion I have discovered many amazing artists and bands, and it has caused me to completely fall in love with music” – Bailee, (@troyelovely) 

4. He’s inspired others to start a music career

Troye’s demo version of Gasoline contained so many intricacies and subtle flaws that really opened up a new world of vulnerability in what was already a super emotive and honest track. Brody, a young singer dude from Perth, explains how that helped him put his musical vulnerabilities out for the world to hear.

“basically it gave me the confidence to actually post my music onto soundcloud and online, because the song is so emotional and personal to him, and because of the demo, and how raw it was, it inspired me to like, actually write my own songs, and how much of an emotional journey it was for him to write that, and for him to actual publish and show the world such an intimate and beautiful song, including how unplugged it is, just encouraged me even more to also share my intimate and emotional songs also how passionate it is adds to the overall song, both the demo and the regular version, he must’ve been so strong to actually release the song publically, and it has inspired me and thousands of other people to release our songs online, not to mention how much he has helped me adds to how much i idolise and how he has inspired me in so many different ways, he’s so special to me and to so many other people.”


5. He’s connected people around the world

“He’s been the reason behind me being able to make so many friends and allow me to connect with so many different people around the world and just remind me that it’s okay to do what it is that I want to do, without having to feel guilty for it. I don’t think I would’ve ever gone ahead into a music major at uni if it wasn’t for him and the friends that I’ve made through him and for that I’m forever grateful. Honestly I could keep going on, but I genuinely don’t think that I would be the same person who’s made the same choices if he hadn’t played a role in my life ?” – reem, (@sotroye)

6. He’s made people realise being ‘out there’ is cool


sahar, (@classytroye)

7. He’s pulled people out of the darkness

“there were a couple months where i was really sad but watching his videos genuinely made me happy (and really nothing else did) and what brought me out of that sadness was honestly the friends i met in the twitter fandom. my friends tess and cailyn are some of my best friends, and they live in sweden and the netherlands. i never would’ve met them if it weren’t for troye” – kyn, (@se7enteensivan)

8. He’s helped people be honest with themselves

“I’m just one person. I know from talking to others that while no one has exactly the same story, everyone who has an account with your name in it has been greatly affected by you in some positive way. Think about how many of those people there are. Then think about the number of people that watch your videos and listen to your music. Everyone who sees or hears you is affected in some way.” – Roz, (@musicaltroye)

9. He made someone’s day just with words

“I feel like I can keep going because of him. Like even if I’m having a really bad day I can watch one of his videos or see one of his tweets and immediately perk up” – maddy, (@gaspingoakley)

10. He’s changed the pop music landscape

Troye changed the world and the musical landscape after he signed to EMI Australia and released TRXYE. It could’ve been a quick win thrown together project with a cookie cutter standard pop song, but instead we chose to shift the production and stylisation to something much more contemporary, much more genuine and much more accustomed to what was on Troye’s music playlists. It wasn’t forced whatsoever and he went through topics in the songwriting on depressants, conscription to war, embracing new found sexuality and emotions and coping mechanisms to disastrous situations dealing with the harsher realities of life.

I think this humility in these topics and his natural music ability helped make and shape what is a defining step in Australian music working in a global scale. I think people from all around the world were genuinely shocked when a “unknown” musician from one of the most remote cities in the world could dominate the charts like this from a debut release.

Just wait until you hear what’s next though… – mark holland, emi music australia


11. He will never forget his roots

“troye has inspired me to come out of my shell and experience other things. he’s the reason i have met so many of my amazing friends, both from perth, and all over the world. he also does so many amazing things for our local community. he did all the charity work for our local hospital, which in itself was truly admirable, but for me goes through on a deeper level. my sister was in PMH for some time when she was younger, and knowing that somebody of influential power has been working to help other kids like her truly warms my heart.” – zahnee, (@auriclwt)


12. He gave me a path to being myself

“He inspired me to come out to my best friend & I honestly don’t know how long it would’ve been w/o that inspiration” – jake, (@LIGHTFRANTA)

13. He’s brought out people’s individuality

“How has he changed my life? I guess the main way is that he made me realize that it’s ok to be myself. It’s something I’ve always struggled with and because of him I’ve realized that being yourself and showing your individuality is a good thing.” – jen, @tronsplaylist


14. He’s a content creator’s biggest inspiration

“Troye was the reason I came out to my YouTube audience. Seeing how much support he received and how many people he helped with that video was really inspiring.” – ryan lamont

15. He’s the queen of self discovery

“Troye has made me feel like it is okay to be myself and helped me discover who I am” – matty walgers, @mattywalgers


16. He’s a rat

“troye’s a rat & I love him lots n lots & he makes me happy & he’s 5 years old” – eden, (@gsxolineden)

17. He took three million people on their first date


18. He’s changed the way music is promoted and completely bypassed typical methods

His stans on social were the unequivocal driving force behind a record which charted top ten in over sixty countries. And TRXYE was just a warmup for what’s to come.


19. He is aesthetic goals

Troye’s understanding of personal brand and aesthetic has rubbed off onto his stanbase – a new generation of social creators who understand how to present themselves well in every way possible. It’s not been a thing people have had to worry about until recently. Now, it’s everything. And that’s a positive.

20. He’s a great friend

Troye’s helped me work myself out, supported my ridiculous and life-changing moves at every step and is a daily reminder of how much a single human can contribute to the world. You’re the best, dude.









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