11 awards for the 11 most wonderful parts of Laneway Festival in Sydney

Our trip to Laneway’s powered by VISA Wave Shades – sunnies you can pay with.

On Saturday I got sent to Laneway in Sydney and I got very sunburnt. It was exhausting. I went home at 9pm. Still, I was there for 9 and a half hours and I have many opinions – most of them positive – so I have decided to give a Very Prestigious and Also Very Official Award For Being Wonderful At Laneway to the following people for the following reasons.

1. Nao – Most Impressive Voice

DAMN GIRL. She almost killed me, I swear. She sings too high for me to hear and can hold notes for so impressively long. She has much better lungs than me (see #5). She can also sing very low. She can also do cool dance moves. She also has good clothes. Very deserving of the first award. Congratulations, Nao. You get nothing apart from this paragraph.

2. Glass Animals – Favourite Fuck Up

They played a really great set and I had a lot of fun, but my highlight was definitely Dave calling Nick Murphy Chet Faker. Lol rekt

(Sorry Nick, one day people will take you seriously. ?? Your set was still a lovely time)

3. Crafts and Rec – Best At Selling Stuff

If you have ever been to Laneway you will know that they have the best food and market stalls out of all Australian festivals. They are so cute, lovely and perfectly curated, but the outstanding winner, as per usual, is Crafts and Rec, two lovely ladies from Sydney who make pins that are tongue in cheek, cute as heck and unapologetically feminist. I bought a little glittery green heart that says “sad” which is basically my entire aesthetic in a single pin. Yasssss girls.

4. Car Seat Headrest – Most Lovely Surprise

I went to see this band for one reason and one reason only: my boyfriend wanted to. For once, he made a good choice, and they were actually very, very great. They also covered a Pixies song which was heaps of fun (and also meant I could sing along to at least one song). I’m very pleasantly surprised that a band I didn’t actually listen to beforehand ended up being one of the highlights of my day.

5. Best at having asthma attacks at the worst possible time – Haha this one is me

Literally every damn music festival. This one happened one and a half songs into D.D. Dumbo’s set. If you’re one of the inconsiderate jerks that turned me into an unwilling passive smoker I actually hate you, close this tab and never speak to me. Don’t smoke in crowds everyone, I know you’re drunk and think you look cool but it’s actually really fucked up and people like me could die. kk bye ???

6. Best antics – Dunies

I’m honestly pretty bored of Dune Rats generally, but live they are hilarious, and I will never be bored of watching their bass player Brett headbutt the microphone and talk absolute nonsense. Very fun time.

7. Best way to pay – our Visa WaveShades

Our photographer Peter copped a pair of Visa Wave Shades, a new collaborative thingy between Visa and Local Supply, where you literally pay for things with your sunnies. It’s amazing. First impressions were that it would be annoying / you lose them etc etc but that only happens if you’re an idiot and it’s actually an incredible way to go about the day. No fumbling around and back-of-minding about where your card is, you just slip your sunnies off for a hot minute and buy more drinks, then back to dancing. Truly amazing.

8. Best combo – Frosé and Julia Jacklin

Just imagine yourself holding a cup of frosé with a yellow flower sitting on the top. Then imagine yourself in a green field in the sun. You’re wearing a pink satin dress. To top it all off, you’re dancing and spinning while Julia Jacklin plays all of her beautiful songs. This is an actual experience I had. INCREDIBLE.

9. Most practical – Trees

Thank you trees for being so green and shady. I don’t know how I would have made it through the day without spending time underneath you to recuperate. I love you, trees.

10. Most wonderful overall – Camp Cope

They were the first band I properly watched for the day and also the best. They get better every time I see them and make me feel so many things. Take any and EVERY chance you have to see them – it’s hard to explain, but it’s a phenomenal experience. If you went to Laneway and didn’t go out early to see their set then shame on you. Camp Cope are the future. ???

11. Best festival in Australia – Laneway Festival

I legitimately believe this. The lineup is always spectacularly crafted, you always find something new that you love, the food is spectacular and the market stalls are lovely and fun even if you’re just browsing. The Sydney venue (Sydney College of Arts) is gorgeous and they showcase artwork by students at the festival. Even down to the map, the timetable and little things like the 1800 Laneway hotline – you can tell the organisers of this festival actually care about their punters. It’s a beautiful little community to live in for the day and I recommend it so highly. Love you 5ever Laneway xoxo  

Pretty photo of Glass Animals taken by Harry Chalker.
This is powered by VISA Wave Shades – sunnies you can pay with.

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